Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday - Lent 5

Weeee,  what a ride yesterday.    Many many thanks needs to go to Husband Mine as he drove and chauffered and drove and picked up and dropped off so that our Museum would be all prepared for this evenings Vimy Night Fundraiser Celebration.   

The Table clothes are now sewn and squeaky clean (see photo for table clothes in process),  Live Auction items are ticketed and priced and recorded,   Tickets are all sold and waiting list is being called.   In short,  an awesome day.  

Yet in amongst the hustle and bustle of the day there were definite times of prayer retreat.   Nothing says renewed enthusiasm and joy like taking 5 minutes,  sitting down and relaxing in God's love.   Or going for a walk in the brisk morning air and give thanks to God while walking.   Aaaaah.

Saturday's  Prayer of Preparation:
LORD,  we pray You to continually inspire Your Church universal with the Spirit of truth, unity,  peace, and glad hosannas.   Give Your grace to all Ministers, Elders, and Lay Preachers that by their life and their faith they may show forth Your Word of Truth and celebrate You this day in love and in joy.    Please remember this day  Elders as they continue to learn and grow in their work that You have chosen them to do.   Open the hearts of each Elder so they may always hold fast to the Good News of Jesus and with great enthusiasm,  share this Good News.       Give Your grace to all Your people as we  meet together in Your presence.  May we hear and receive Your Word with purity of heart and true obedience, to serve You all the days of our life.  May we come before You tomorrow with our hearts raised in Glad Hosannas.   This we ask in Your son's  name.    Amen.

Many blessings

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