Monday, 30 July 2012

Monday - making positive choices

The retired Minister and I led worship yesterday at St. Andrew's and then Valleyview Seniors Home.   The Minister's question was "how many people do we wait for until we do not worship as the crowd is too small?"   I responded and said if only one person shows up for worship.... we worship!    And then thank God that that one person showed up.  
So we had four for worship at St. Andrew's  and thirty people for worship at Valleyview Seniors Home.  Now,  not that Jesus keeps a record of how many people show up for worship... it is important for Ministers and Elders to know that worship continues even if only one person shows up.

But that is a choice each Minister and Elder needs to make.   For me,  no matter how many people show up,  we worship God!  Worship is always a positive choice. 

Monday Retreat....
Prayer:   As we follow You today O Lord,  may we be bold in our belief.  May we go forth in Your love and light so that all may know of Your glory.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Read St. Matthew 26: 69- 75

Peter does follow Jesus.  This scripture states that Peter is sitting in the courtyard.  Peter is sitting waiting to hear what will happen to his friend and mentor and teacher Jesus. 

Those in the courtyard start pointing their fingers at Peter saying, “You know this Jesus!  You are one of his followers!”  Yet Peter denies knowing Jesus.  Then Peter realizes what he has done.  He has denied his friend,  his mentor, and his teacher.  Peter goes outside the courtyard and weeps bitterly.

Jesus had told Peter what Peter  would deny Jesus,   but Peter could not believe he would be so weak-kneed.  And then it came to pass.  Peter suddenly made a choice… he could either say, “Yes I know Jesus” and also be put up on trial… or he could deny knowing Jesus and live.

Often we look at others who do not stand up for their beliefs and we point our fingers and say, “We would never do that”.   Yet given the same circumstances,  we would probably do the same thing as Peter.

But why?  Why would we deny knowing Jesus?  Frequently because we think it will get us out of having to explain what we believe.  We think that it is easier to “sit on the fence” and not rock the boat by saying nothing.   But as Peter found out,  life gets mighty harsh when we sit by and do nothing.

Today,  be alert of the choices you make.  Ask yourself if any of your choices are made so you won’t rock the boat.    Ask yourself if by making any of your choices,  you deny the love of God to be brought into the situation.  

Prayer:   Redeeming God,  help us make good positive choices today so that we can glorify Your glory and love.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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