Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday of Worship

Normally I don't make comments on the Sunday blog but two things happened yesterday to make me go, "hummm".      First Husband and I were at a garage sale yesterday of a congregational member from St. Andrew's  Brandon.  The congregational member reminded me of the Nursing Home Worship Sunday afternoon.  I had totally forgotten.  How horrible to forget worship.   Thank goodness God was in the midst of my Husband wanting to go to a garage sale!      
Then a local Brandon minister and I were e-mailing concerning Worship in Nursing Homes.  He stated for the Summer months that he nor the lay ministry team does not lead worship in Nursing Homes.... even though worship continues in Nursing Homes over the summer.  I asked if he had anyone that stepped in to lead the Nursing Home Worships while he was away.   He said, "no".   I wept at this answer.    How can one deny worship to those who can't get out of the Nursing Home?  How can one deny worship to those who need the love of Christ?   I am  so sad that some Ministers think because summer comes along that God goes on holidays.  
I e-mailed the minister asking why volunteers are not asked to help out lead worship in Nursing Homes during the summer .  His response was, "Because we need a sabbath.".    A sabbath.    While yes indeed those who minister to the people of God do need a time away,  this is where the Elders and congregational members must provide leadership.    God does not take holidays!   And for those of us who serve in the Church,  we can not just write off a whole group of people because it is "summer".    Those who are in Nursing Homes need the joyous Word of God brought to them (and often the Good News is brought from the Seniors to those of us who lead them in Worship!!!).   Worship should not be a time of draining of one's self.  Worship is a time of renewed enthusiasm that God provides for us each time we come before God.  
So next time a Nursing Home calls and says, "Can you help us lead Worship?" please jump at the opportunity that God has provided you!    This is the way we share the love of God with others.     

Sunday of Worship....
Holy God,  this is the day we stop and worship You with Your community.  May we worship to Your glory.   May the Holy Spirit rest upon all those who preach this day and all those who lead us in praise this day.  May the Holy Spirit rest upon all those who sit and abide in Your presence.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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