Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Most Amazing Tuesday

One of our good friends in Killiam Alberta was wondering why our denomination is shrinking and in survival mode.  You know the type of survival mode he means... the Church pulls inward and pulls their offerings and tithes inward and forgets about sharing the Good News through Missions with those in their community and world.

What does this say about our Ministers?    In our denomination,  it is horrific that our Seminarians only receive one homelitic course in their four years of training.   One course!  How can one be prepared to preach the Good News with only one course??!!   And what happens when our focus comes off of God's word preached through Ministers?   We end up with bad sermons which makes for impossible worship.  We end up with Ministers who preach half truths and state that Sermons do not have to be theologically sound nor accurate.   Yikes.   And people begin to walk out the door seeking another place of Worship where the Good News is preached from the pulpit and Worship is truly a a blessing. 

All Theological Colleges...  I urge you to look at what is being taught,  at what courses you are offering.   If there are no or very few courses on Biblical Understand nor Homelitics,  then what is the focus of the new seminarians?  We end up with weak ministers and false leaders and a turning away from God.   This is not good.  This is a time for prayer and vision and hope.

The Disciples too listened to Jesus as he talked about false leaders..... 

Tuesday Retreat....
Prayer:    Lord Jesus Christ,  Son of God,  may Your love flow over us.  Lord Jesus Christ,  Son of God,  may Your joy flow through us.  Lord Jesus Christ,  Son of God,  may Your peace flow within us.  Amen.

Read St. Matthew  24: 23 – 28

Jesus continues to instruct the disciples that there will be many who say, “I am the Messiah”  or “I am the Christ”.  These false Messiah’s will perform miracles and marvellous signs… yet they will not lead the people to God.    Beware of those leaders who declare they are of Christ yet do not live as Jesus taught the disciples to live.   

How can we tell false leaders?   Only over time and through prayer.   If the spiritual leader is truly of God,  then they will have the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace patience,  kindness,  gentleness, self-control, goodness, and faithfulness).    It is important to know the fruit of the spirit so that we can recognize who is a Godly leader and who is just in it for the money or power.       

Jesus tells his disciples that where ever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.  What Jesus means by this is when there is a group of believers or even a single believer,  there will always be bad leaders trying to tempt them away from their beliefs.  Hold onto your belief in the love of God!

God of love and life,  we thank You that we can come into Your presence and meditate upon Your words.   Grant us courage so that we may be a blessing to others this day.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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