Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday - the Journey to Holy Week

Before you begin the prayer and devotional today,  take time to prepare yourself.   Sit in a comfortable chair.   Focus upon Jesus. 
As you breath in,  repeat in your mind the phrase “Jesus is with in me”.
As you breath out,  repeat in your mind the phrase,  “the love of Jesus born for me”.

Prayer:  Lord, have mercy upon us and grant us Your peace.  Open our hearts and minds and souls to Your love and Your teachings.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Read Zechariah 9: 9 – 13

We now begin the journey with Jesus to Jerusalem and to his Death and Resurrection.
This is not an easy season in the Church year.  There are some tough topics we will be reading and meditating upon.   But this is all part of Lent – that time of  returning our love to God.  

Zechariah’s  prophecy is of the coming of Zion’s King – a Messiah.  This King comes to free his people and all the nations.     The King comes in righteousness and having salvation. The King comes on a donkey.   Kings who came riding into town on a horse was a symbol of  war.  Kings who came riding into town on a donkey was a symbol of peace.
Zechariah prophecies that Zion’s King will come into Jerusalem riding a donkey – a King of peace.     Zechariah continues to state that the King will proclaim peace to the nations.  His rule will extend from sea to sea.   This Messiah King will bring together the glories of the kingdom of David.
Zechariah prophecies that the people of Zion will be freed and their city will be returned to them.  Everyone will have hope. 
Zechariah prophecies that Jerusalem will be restored the best beyond the best.  The people will be filled with hope.  Their long awaited Messiah will be their King.

As we begin the journey into Holy Week,  we think back to this prophecy from Zechariah.  The people of Israel knew this teaching.   Do you think they were wondering if Jesus was the long awaited Messiah?

As we begin this journey into the Holy Week,  reflect on the scripture  that you read today.  This Lent,  do something more by reading  through this Scripture a couple of times.  Each time you read this Scripture you will find new ideas or thoughts or phrases that stand out.

It is only through our reading of the Scriptures,  meditating on the Scriptures, and prayers that God’s love through Jesus is fully revealed to us.    It is this love that holds us steady and keeps us sustained during this Holy Week.     God’s  great love that is deep and full… and all we need to do to be part of God’s great love  is to say, “Lord I am here and I am Your’s”. 

Prayer:  Great God,  how deep is Your love.  How full is Your love.   Lord, I am here and I am Your’s.   Amen.

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