Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday - teaching about Jesus

Prayer:   Almighty God,  what ever we are to do today,  may we do in Your love.  Almighty God, what ever we are to do today,  may we do in Your Peace.  If we are to sit,  or stand,  or do chores…. Whatever we are to do today,  we do knowing of Your great love for us.  Amen.

Read  St Luke  10:  17 – 20

The seventy returned with great joy.   They were bursting with triumph that even the devils were subject to the seventy through the name of Jesus.   

Jesus responds to the seventy by reminding them that their triumph was not completed in their name but in God’s authority over them and God’s presence within them.    Jesus continues to tell the seventy that it is not what we do for God but what God does for us that is for rejoicing.
The seventy had the disciples and Jesus to teach and instruct them.  Who do we have today to teach and instruct us in the life of Jesus?   As Presbyterians we usually respond  to this question by answering “our Minister and Elders”.      We learn through conversation about Jesus,  through Bible Study,  through Worship,  and life experiences.
As we listen and ask questions about our faith,  we grow in Christian maturity.
How did those who followed Jesus grow in faith?   Jesus sent them out to tell others that the Kingdom of God was near.
Like  the sending out of the Seventy,  each of us  are all called to teach and instruct others about the Gospel of Christ.   
Jesus did not say to the seventy to just attend worship on Sunday and go home and do nothing for the other six days.  Jesus told the seventy to go out and tell others that the Kingdom of God is near.

This Lent and beyond,  how will you  share the Gospel of Christ?  

Prayer:  Lord,  hear our prayer.  Let our prayers rise up to You like an evening offering.  Lord,  You reign for ever. Hear us O  Lord as we offer up to You our prayers……

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