Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday - reflection

Prayer:  Great God,  this day may we listen,  hear,  read,  and thirst for Your Holy Word.  May we read Your scriptures with delight in our hearts.   As we reflect upon Your Word this day,  may You fill us with all joy and all peace in believing.  Amen.

St Luke 9: 49 – 50

John speaks up and says to Jesus that they saw a man using Jesus’ name to heal others.  John was concerned that the man was not a disciple.   The man had not been taught by Jesus.   

Jesus responds by saying that the disciples should not stop the man.   Jesus continues to state that whoever is not against you is for you.    If he is not an enemy,  he is an ally.

Chapter 9 is Jesus’ teaching on leadership.  In these two verses,    John thinks he is being a good leader by bringing forward a man who is using Jesus’ name to heal.   And with Jesus’ response of do not stop the man,  we can almost hear John go, “Rats.  I thought I understood the teachings of Jesus!”

Leadership.  There are many books written, videos,  websites, and  courses on leadership and leadership styles within the Church.    Yet what leadership for Christians  really boils down to is prayer,  reading the scriptures,  meditation, and God’s call.    Like John,  we do not know what we believe and can’t be a  leader until we understand Jesus’ teachings and live in the love of God.  

Today,  spend time in reflection.  Reflect upon Biblical people—Old and New Testaments.  What three Biblical people would you say were great leaders.  
 Reflect upon why they were great leaders.
 Did these people have an easy time as a leader? 
Did these people frequently stumble and fall in their leadership but got back up again and carried on because of their love for God?   
Think of two people from your life who have been great Christian leaders. 
What set them apart?
What about current leaders in the Church.  Can you name three people in your Church that are great Christian leaders and set awesome examples of how to serve Christ?    What about teens or children in the Sunday School?  Are any of these people Christian leaders yet? 

Prayer:  Holy God,  we give You thanks for all Your servants who have passed from this life in faith and in love.  We pray that we may follow their example and discover the joy of following Your Word and Your love.  Amen.

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