Saturday, 16 March 2013

Saturday - Too busy or not

Meetings.  Volunteering.   Being a volunteer at Church and in a Museum and  on an Army Cadet Corps Sponsoring Committee means being in contact with a lot of people.   People all have differing ideas.  Sometimes these ideas clash and one leaves feeling disappointed and frustrated.    As Christians it is so important for us not to carry about that disappointment and frustration.  We must release the disappointment and frustration to God.  We must ask for forgivenss and our actions must be one of thanksgiving.  Not easy but this is what it means to be a Christian. 

This week I keep hearing the words "I am too busy" or "we are overworked"  from other people.   Which means the person doesn't want to do the work behind the event.   Which means the person really wants the easy way out.   Which means a person saying they are so busy is trying to look busy but they really aren't.  What they are doing is selfish and trying to become self-important.
Rev Stephen Cherry has written a marvelous book,  "Beyond Busyness:  Time Wisdom for Ministry".  This is an exceptional book.  Well worth the read for everyone.  Rev Cherry states, "When we are busy we become reactive rather than responsive, we get stressed and stop listening,  we pay attention to ourselves too much and to others too little".   His book gives awesome information as well as times spent in reflection with Jesus.   Awesome book.

So the next time you are in a meeting or responding to an e-mail and you being the say, "I am too busy"... stop what you are doing and think of how you can bring the gratitude of God into the meeting or e-mail or event.  

Prayer:   Jesus,  I come into Your presence today knowing that You love me for who I am.    Jesus, I come into Your presence today knowing that You  listen to all I say.    Jesus,  I come into Your presence today basking in Your love and glory.  Jesus, You have brought me to this moment and I love You.

Reflect over the your  week.  
   *   Reflect and ponder  the events - meetings - programs - volunteering you were involved in this week.    
*Was this a week of frustration or joy?  
 * When you had meetings,  did you bring thanks to the meeting? 
  *When meetings or events got frustrating,  did you remember to pray a prayer of forgiveness for yourself and those who frustrated you (or you frustrated them!)?
  * Did you tell your family they are loved by you?
* Ask yourself:  How did the Scripture readings I read this week help me live my life in Christ?
 *   What touched my heart about the scripture readings this week?   What did I find difficult?
   *   What one thing will you do this week that will help bring the love of Christ to your family and people you meet through events,  programs,  volunteering,  work.

 Picture Jesus sitting beside you.   Tell Jesus why he is your Lord and Saviour.    Be aware of the love Jesus has for you.  Share your week with Jesus and just let reflections be in Jesus’ presence. 

Prayer:  Jesus Christ,  my Lord and Saviour,  You call me to follow You and to become like You.  You call me to live in communion with God and with each other.  I do not always know where you are leading me but I know that You lead me beside green pastures.   Jesus Christ,  Son of God,  I love you with my whole heart and soul and mind.   Amen.  

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