Monday, 25 March 2013

Monday - Jesus weeps

Before you begin the prayer and devotional today,  take time to prepare yourself.   Sit in a comfortable chair.   Focus upon Jesus. 
As you breath in,  repeat in your mind the phrase “Jesus is within me”.
As you breath out,  repeat in your mind the phrase,  “Jesus sustains me”.

Prayer:  Comfort those who need Your peace this day O Lord.   Comfort those who need Your love this day O Lord.  Comfort those who need Your joy so that they,  and we,  are transformed by Your love.   Amen.

Read St. Luke 19: 41 – 44

As Jesus approaches Jerusalem,  he weeps.    Jesus weeps for the people within the walls of Jerusalem…. for all the people who can not  accept the teachings and love of Jesus.  

Jesus has come to redeem and bring salvation to all peoples.  But the people are not ready to accept  the  redemption and salvation of Jesus.   And for their hard heartedness,  Jesus

Jesus says that if the people had only recognized this day what would bring them peace.  But they did not.   So because of closing their ears to the Word of God,  because of closing their eyes to the miracles,  because of closing their hearts to the love of Jesus,  the days ahead will be horrible.   “All because they did not recognize and welcome God’s  personal visit”  (St Luke 9: 44   The Message  Navpress, 2005).

Are we are closed hearted as  those who lived during Jesus’ time but rejected his teachings?     Are we as hard hearted as those who lived during the time of Jesus?

Prayer:  Great God,  unblock the hardness of our hearts that we don’t realize is blocking out Your love.  Great God,  unlock the stubborn thoughts of our minds that we don’t realize is blocking out Your compassion.  Great God,  unlock our souls so that all we find is Your love.  Amen.

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