Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dreaming of Quilting

God bless relatives.    I haven't been able to quilt for a long while due to life happening.  Earlier last week my cousins asked me to create a French Braid pattern table runner for a friend's  50th Anniversary in October.  No problem.   Many months to get the table runner completed.  No problem.    As of last night,  the cousins realized that the friend's  50th anniversary was the end of July.  Problem!    The time of leisure for creating this table runner is slim to none.    First question is what size will the table runner be?   The cousins answered "Big".    What kind of big?  The two foot big or the six feet big?   The cousins didn't know.   Then came the second question... what colour should the table runner be?  The cousins answered, "Blues and turquoises".    Hummm.  Usually those two colours don't go well together.   So!  The cousins have been tasked with going to a painting store and finding twelve paint chips in blue and turquoise that are awesome.    Hopefully the cousins will be successful in their paint chip search.... then I can order the fabrics online in those colours.    Although I think we'll have to throw in some yellows just to provide a contrast......  
God bless relatives.  :) 

On the home front....  the latest Museum Loan is a collection of sweetheart pins.   These are pins given to Mom's,  sisters,  sweeties  by Soldiers during WW1 and WW2 and beyond.  In order for our Museum to display the collection of sweetheart pins,  the pins need to be appraised then photographed  then a report written up on the condition of each pin.  Many of the sweetheart pins in this loan are unique and there don't seem to be any others like them anywhere else.  So suddenly appraising becomes difficult.... is the pin worth $25.00 or $2500??   Then comes the 40 plus hours of creating a Feasibility study for Insurance purposes.  Once everything is approved and we have the insurance coverage in place,  we can display these sweetheart pins.  Only problem is our Museum is teeny tiny and there is almost NO wall space left to display these pins.   How drole.    God bless Curator's  who think Loans are a good idea :)    

Our Museum also has a couple of tours coming up and one big Celebration.  The WW2 Battle of Lower Normandy is coming up June 6th.  Our sea Cadets will be helping the Museum with their D-Day tea..... in commemoration of the soldiers and nurses who were part of the Battle of D-Day on Juno Beach.     Before the Sea Cadets help serve this event,  we like to instruct them on the history of D-Day.  This year we are creating a live interactive battle.   "High Tech" --   three shower curtains with the map of Juno Beach and each Cadet is given an Order card.  On the Order card are three orders of who and what they will do on D-Day.    

Our family is also hosting  the Presbyterian EH Johnston Award winner the last week of May.   Rev Dr Abraham Berinyuu is from Ghana.  Time to clean up the guest bedroom,  install a bannister to the front door,  and install two tub bars. 

Now to go pester the cousins and see how they made out getting paint chips in blues and turquoises!

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