Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tuesday - invite someone new to the table

Prayer:  Restore us O Lord and renew our souls.  May Jesus  filling our hearts with renewed life and enthusiasm in order to fulfil the needs of the Church.   May our love flow into our actions and relationships with others this day.  Holy God,  Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal One grant us Your love and peace.  Amen.

Luke 14:  12 – 14

Jesus continues to speak to his host (the Pharisee) and suggests that the next time the host invites people to a meal,  to invite people other than his family and friends.  Invite people who never get out.  Invite misfits.  Invite those who just don’t fit in with the life of a Pharisee.

Jesus says that if the host invites those who are not like him (the Pharisee) to a meal,  he will be blessed and the favour will be returned at the resurrection.

Inviting people to a meal who aren’t your family and friends.   This takes any of us out of our comfort zone.   Yet God never said being a Christian would be comfortable.

Think back to the last time you had a meal at Church.  Were you surrounded by people you knew?  Was there anyone standing near a wall because they didn’t know anybody?  Jesus reminds us that we need to go over to those who don’t know anybody and invite them to join you at the table where you are sitting.

Work of the Synod:  Remember in your prayers the Presbytery of Winnipeg as they meet on Thursday May 16. 

Prayer:  Great God, we come before You today in gratitude for Your Word to us today.    Help us to find blessings and opportunities in event the most challenging experiences.   This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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