Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday - Really listening?

Prayer:    Holy LORD,  we follow Jesus this day.   By his word and Spirit, we are lead.  We will follow You Jesus.   You live for us and intercede for us.  And we will follow You all the days of our lives.  This we ask in Your Son’s name.  Amen.

Luke  14:  31 – 34

Jesus continues giving another example of how those who follow Jesus must have a firm foundation.

Suppose a king is about to go to war against another king.  Before a king goes to war against another king,  he sits down and figures out if he has enough soldiers to win the battle.   If he figures he will loose the battle,  then he sends out emissaries to the other king to ask for terms of peace.   This is the same,  says Jesus,  of those who follow him.  They need to give up everything – family – to follow Jesus.    Jump in with both feet and follow Jesus,  just don’t stand around all day debating if one should or should not follow Jesus. 

Then Jesus goes on to give the example of salt.    Salt is used for many things from increasing the taste of food to healing properties.  But if salt has lost it’s  saltiness (or goes stale), then it is worthless and must be tossed out.  As followers of Jesus,  we can not loose our love and compassion of God.  If we do then we are no better than unsalty salt.       Jesus then asks the crowd if they are really listening to his words.

Are we really listening to the words of Jesus today?  

Prayer:  Great God,  when the path to You seems to become dark,  we know that Jesus will light this pathway so that we can follow in joy and delight.   In our daily routine and chores,  help us to always follow Jesus.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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