Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday - Learning

Prayer:  Creator,  Redeemer, Sustainer… Your love springs up within us and we share Your love with everyone we meet this day.  Amen.

From the Shorter Catechism
Question #4:  What is God?

Answer:  God is a Spirit,  infinite, eternal, and unchangeable in His being, wisdom, power, holiness,  justice, goodness, and truth. 

John 4:24
Job 11: 7 – 9
Psalm 90: 2
James 1: 17
Exodus 3: 14
Psalm 147
Revelation 4: 8
Revelation 15: 4
Exodus 34: 6 – 7

Have you ever been in a Bible Study where the question comes up of trying to define God?   As each person shares their definition of God,  each definition seems to be different and unique.      Or have you ever been in a meeting with people of differing denominations and their understanding of God is different and unique?   Or taught a Sunday School class of Kindergarten and Grade One students and listened to their description of What is God?   The descriptions are all different and unique. 

As the living God lives within each of us,  we all have a unique understanding of what is God.   Our life experiences enable us to tell others what is God.   And as we’ve all lived differing lives and had differing experiences,  our definition of what is God is as unique as each of us.     

This day,  read over the Shorter Catechism answer to “What is God”.    God is……

And rejoice in the glorious love of God this day.

Prayer:    Great God,  we rejoice in Your glorious love.  May we take this love and go out into the world and share it with all peoples.  Amen.

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