Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday - servanthood

Prayer:  O God,  Your Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.  Your Word is a light to lighten the nations of the world about Your love and goodness.   May we take Your Word with us where ever we go this day.  Amen.

Luke 14:  7 – 11

Jesus looks around the table and notices how the guests have picked the places of honour at the table.   Jesus tells them a parable about hospitality and manners and servanthood.

Jesus tells them when someone invites you to dinner,  don’t take the place of honour.  Someone more important than you might have been invited by the host.  Then the host will call out in front of everyone, “You are in the wrong place”.   You will be embarrassed when you have to get up and move out of the place of honour to the last place available.  

Jesus continues to say that when a person is invited to sit at table,  to choose the lowest place… the worst place and the host night very well invite you up to a better place at the table. 

Behind this story of good manners at parties,  Jesus is also reminding the Pharisees and guests that if they continue to walk around thinking they are better than everyone else and always expect special treatment,  they will end up flat on their faces in embarrassment.    But  if people are content with who they are and not put on any airs nor expect special treatment,  then you will become a much better person who looks out for others and not just themselves.  

This is a very important parable for us today.   More and more in Canada,  people are expecting special treatment.   People are thinking they are better than anyone else.   As a Church,  we must be alert to thinking we are better than anyone else – or alert to thinking we are better than any other Church in our community.     All Churches must strive for excellent hospitality,  excellent manners,  and excellent servanthood.  It is in our serving that we bring the love of God into the neighbourhood.

Prayer:   O Christ,  You are our firm foundation.  It is through Your teachings and Your parables that we learn to be servants of God.   Open our eyes to the new opportunities that God is calling us to be involved with this day.    This we ask in Your name.  Amen.

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