Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thursday - discerning the will of God

Prayer:  Creator God,  open our understanding of Your Will this day so that whatever we do and whatever we say may glorify You always.  Amen.

Read St Luke 21: 5 – 9

Some of the disciples were commenting at the beauty of the temple and the gifts dedicated to God.   Jesus then says to the disciples that there will be a time when the temple will be destroyed.    The disciples are horrified.  Their very place of worship will be no more?   

Today too,  many Churches are struggling with  closing and no longer being a place of worship.    Yet,  like some of the disciples  is our focus upon the wrong thing?  Instead of focussing upon the building,  we should be focussing upon the worship of God.   Do we need to re-think the word “Church” as a big place to hold many people just on a Sunday?   Indeed we do.  We must learn to discern through prayer if God is asking our Sessions and Congregations to make a change in our current worship building.    

Jesus also comments to the disciples that there will be many leaders who will deceive them into claiming they know when the end of time is coming.  Jesus simply states, “Do not follow them”.    In this past century,  we’ve had many “leaders” state they knew what date the world would end.  But it did not.   As Christians,  we must learn how to discern who is a leader in Christ and who is a leader out for their own means.  
Today,  think upon how you discern the will of God.  
Prayer:   Loving God,  enable us to discern Your will this day.     Guide us in our thoughts and our actions so that we live and move and breath in Your presence.    We give to You today our aches and pains,  our worries and our cares.   Heal us O Lord.  Provide us with Your healing,  Your strength,  Your wisdom,  and Your love.  Amen.


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