Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wednesday - piety

Prayer:  Generous and Loving God,  we release all conflict that holds us back from Your glory this day.    We ask for Your love and guidance in being able to freely communicate all our thoughts and emotions so that we may truly reflect Your Glory.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.


Read St Luke 21: 1 – 4


Piety.   A widow puts two coins into the temple treasury.  Rich people are also putting their gifts into the temple treasury.  Jesus said to his disciples that the widow has put in more than any of the other people.    While she put in two small coins,  she put in all she had to live on.  The Rich people gave their gifts out of their wealth.  They would not miss the money—their lives were not pinched.   


Piety.    This is a word that is long out of fashion in the Church but really should be right up there in our everyday language.   Piety is devotion to God and out of our love for God,  we see the needs of those in the community around us and do something about their needs.  Piety.


We often look at our pocketbooks and think we don’t have enough money to help out charities and non-profit organizations.   And we also don’t open our pocketbooks to keep our Churches out of financial failure.  Yet to the rest of the world,  Canadians are an extremely wealthy people.    How has there become such a division of understanding of wealth within this world?     How will we use our piety to make a change?


Prayer:  You, O LORD,  are the instrument of peace and our instrument of change.  Give us the grace to be Your peace and love this day so that we, as well as our family and friends, may be able to accept and acknowledge their love for You.  Guide us to make positive changes so that Your Church looks forward to a bright future.  Amen. 

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