Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thursday -

Prayer:  Dayspring of Life,  our hearts are open to You.  We love others and ourselves in Your positive and supportive ways.   Amen.


Read St. Luke 21: 32 – 33


The words of Jesus will never pass away.    Does this phrase leave you with a sense of stability and permanence and awe?


Volunteering at the Military Museum,  we do a lot of research for people on their relatives who were involved in wars.    Usually people come in with a name (Great Uncle Louie)  and know that the person was in WW1 or WW2 or other wars but not know which unit nor anything else about the person’s military career.  Through digging online with Collections Canada or other research options,  we frequently find information on Great Uncle Louie.   Once we know which unit Great Uncle Louie was part of,  we can find all sorts of information.   The people who come are joyous to know a bit more of their relative’s  history.   Finding history on a relative leaves a footprint of who they themselves are.    


Think how  joyous we should be as Christians knowing that the words of Jesus leave a footprint that will never pass away!    We don’t have to dig hard for these words…. we can read them in the Bible,  we can read of the early Church and middle Church through creeds and confessions, each week we worship and hear the words of Jesus.   Wow!  What a gift we have been given.


How will you use the gift of the words of Jesus that will never pass away today?  How will you inspire others to know that the words of Jesus will never pass away?


Prayer:  Great Comforter,  we thank You that Your Word will never pass away.  May we read and learn and inwardly digest Your Word this day so that we can share Your love and tell others of this wonderful life in You.  Amen.

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