Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday - decisions

Prayer:  Creator God,  may we always take our responsibilities upon ourselves and not ignore these responsibilities nor toss them away onto someone else.  Show us the path to Your righteousness and mercy. Remind us through these readings and prayers that we say, “Yes Lord”  and we do not say “Not my problem”.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.    Amen.

Luke 23: 6 -12

When Pilate learns that Jesus is from Galilee,  Pilate hands Jesus over to Herod.   Remember that Pilate is subordinate to the legate of Syria/tetrarch of Galilee… in this case Herod.     This Herod is Herod Antipas…. the Herod that killed John the Baptist and plopped John’s head on a platter.  Herod the Great was his father.

Herod had never met Jesus before but he certainly knew of Jesus and the teachings of Jesus.  In fact,  some scholars suggest that the Assembly who provided the accusations about Jesus were sent by Herod.  Some scholars suggest this was why Herod was in Jerusalem and not in Galilee.

Herod tried to question Jesus,  but Jesus remained silent.  Herod with his soldiers treated Jesus with contempt, yet Jesus still remained silent.   All Herod did was put a robe on Jesus and send him back to Pilate.

Yet,  why did Jesus remain silent?   Wouldn’t it have been better if Jesus had answered Herod’s  questions?     Frequently people will ask questions but not want to listen to the answers.  The answers would make the person think and have to reflect inwardly upon their life and their beliefs.    Jesus knew this about Herod so remained silent.

Reflect today on when it is important for the Church to remain silent and when it is important for the Church to speak up.

Prayer:   Spirit of God,  flow through our decisions and reflections today so that our thoughts may rest upon God’s eternal changelessness. Help us to live each day on the path of God.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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