Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wednesday - following Jesus

Prayer:  Hear O Lord our God the prayers of Your people as they cry to You.  Hear O Lord our God the prayers of Your people as we send You our love.  Amen.

Luke 23: 26 – 31

This section of scripture is filled with people.   Each Holy Week we read this passage but we usually pass over the names and the tasks of these people.  Today  we have an opportunity to look at those who helped Jesus.

The Roman Soldiers led Jesus away.  What impact do you think the crowd made upon the Soldiers of this man named Jesus?  

Simon of Cyrene had come to Jerusalem for the festival. Cyrene is what is today known as Libya (northern Africa).  He was a religious man and a believer.  As he is coming into the city,  the Soldiers grab him and tell him to carry the cross belonging to Jesus.  Did Simon of Cyrene know Jesus or did Simon think he was merely carrying the cross of a criminal?

A great number of people followed Jesus.  Were these people just crowd followers or were these people the disciples?

Women who were beating their breasts and wailing for Jesus.  The official mourners.   The louder the wailing the more the person had been loved.   Yet what does Jesus do as he passes by the women?  He turns to them and says,  “Daughters of Jerusalem do not weep for me,  but weep for yourselves and for your children……”  (Luke  23: 28  NSRV  Nelson,  1989).    Jesus  is telling them to stop their official mourning.  Do not weep for him because  the days will get worse.   What must the women have thought?

Jesus himself as he trudges along the roadway to his crucifixion.  What must he be thinking?  This is the focus of his mission.  The deepest meaning of his life is unfolding.   The love of God is with him in his journey.

Ourselves.   As we read through this journey of Christ to the Cross,  we too are reminded that we need to empty ourselves of our old life and bring ourselves into the love of God.  Renewed life in Christ.

Prayer:  Great God,  we know that weeping lasts for a morning but the joy of knowing You lasts forever.  Amen.

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