Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday - the stole

Prayer:  This day O Lord,  may we live in harmony with our family and friends and neighbours. Revive our Souls and save us for the sake of Your love.  Amen.

Read  Psalm 133

The Stole is a final piece of vestment that is worn by Ministers.   This is a narrow and long rectangular piece of cloth that covers both the shoulders of the Minister and encircles the neck.  The parts unit in the front and reach to the knees.   The stole is a reminder of the priestly function of the Old Testament and is used at every exercise of that power,  in Church and in the community.  

The stole signifies the yoke or burden of the vocation of ministry of word and sacrament.  The stole also signifies the grace of the Holy Spirit which flows down upon the Minister.   This is why only Minister’s  wear stoles… the symbol of sacrifice and delight working in the service of God.   If lay preachers wish to wear a stole,  then the stole must be worn as a sash from left shoulder to right hip.  

In today’s  Church,  ministers frequently wear stoles that are the colour of the Church year.    Green is for ordinary times.  White is for Easter and funerals.  Red is for Pentecost.   Purple is worn during the penitential times of Advent and Lent. 

As the Minister puts the stole on each Sunday (or at any other times),  the minister will say: “Blessed is God,  who pours His grace upon His priests;  it is as ointment on the head, that ran down to the beard, even the beard of Aaron;  that ran down to the fringe of his clothing (Psalm 133: 2).

Prayer:  Praise the Lord to all servants of the Lord who minister by night and by day in the House of the Lord.  Amen.

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