Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thursday - sharing the Good News on the dusty road

Prayer: Creator, Redeemer,  Sustainer we frequently do not know where we are going.  Our journey in life seems dim and the path dark.  But we know O Lord,  that by giving You our lives,  You lighten up the path we take to You.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.    

Luke 24: 13 – 27  The Emmaus Story

Two of the disciples were heading to a village called Emmaus.  They were reflecting over the events of the past week.   As they are talking,  Jesus comes up to them but they do not recognize Jesus.  Why do you think they do not recognize Jesus?   Is it because they assume Jesus is dead?  Or God shielded their eyes from understanding?  Verse 16 states that their eyes were kept from recognizing him.      Their eyes were kept from recognizing him.   Anyone who has ever been in a traffic accident can tell you this same phrase.... sometimes our brain just can not process what our eyes are viewing.    In the Nicene Creed this kind of “not seeing”  is called “visible and invisible”.    Sometimes we just don’t understand what our eyes are viewing.  

Jesus asks the two disciples what they are discussing and they proceed to tell him about Jesus of Nazareth.    They call Jesus a prophet mighty in deed and word.    They continue on to tell Jesus of the women who went to the tomb but did not find his body but were told by the angels that Jesus was alive.   

Jesus then says how foolish and slow the two disciples are to not believe.   Then beginning with Moses,  Jesus interprets the scriptures as the three of them walk along the road.

This is a beautiful image.  Jesus teaching the disciples as they walk along the road.  Jesus shares in their journey and tells them the story of Good News.   

Who do you have that helps interpret the scriptures for you?  Do you find new insights into the Good News from the Sunday sermons?  Bible Study groups?  Devotionals?     In Edmonton,  the Canadian Bible Society used to have an event where the Bible was read from Genesis to Revelation.  Each participant would read the Bible for one hour.   It was awe inspiring to hear the scripture being read out loud.   This day,  think of ways you can read or hear the Bible read that will inspire you.

Prayer:  In You,  O LORD,  we live and move and have our being.   You are our inspiration and our life.    This day  may we hear Your words both visible and invisible so that we can carry out Your mission to all the world.  Amen.

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