Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tuesday - teaching and the learner

Prayer:   Wisdom let us attend.  Peace be upon us and enliven our spirits so that each day we live and move in Your sight is a day of sharing the Good News of Christ with others.   Amen.

Read:  Luke 24: 44 – 49

Jesus’ final message to his disciples explains once again the story of redemption.   Jesus tells them that He came to fulfil the law in order for the forgiveness of sins.   Then Jesus opens their minds so that they can understand what he is teaching.    This is a gift that all teachers hope to have …  the ability to teach people so that they are knowledgeable to live life to it’s fullest in God.   Yet,  Jesus had continually taught the disciples and they didn’t always understand what he was teaching them.

Teaching anyone takes two people.  The teacher and the learner.   And sometimes it is difficult to discern which is the teacher and which is the learner!    By teaching others,  a teacher has to put into practical practice what they are teaching.  If a teacher can’t tell others in simple terms what they are teaching,  then they are not good teachers.  In the same way,  learners must be receptive to learning.   Teaching and learning is not a one time thing….. teaching and learning is a lifetime process.

And for the disciples,  their eyes and minds and hearts are finally open to the teachings of Jesus.

September is often the month when all our Church programs begin anew.   Bible Studies start up again as does Sunday School.    As we begin new programs in our Churches,  what one program or event will you sign up for so that you can further your learning of Jesus Christ?

Prayer:   Great God,  for all those who enter Your Holy Church,  may we live in faith, reverence and knowledge of You.   For the Elders in our Church who are planning for new programs this September to teach us about Christ – uphold them in Your love and grant them (and us) with renewed enthusiasm.  This we ask in Your Son’s name.  Amen.

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