Monday, 26 August 2013

Monday - the Sanctuary

Prayer:  Great God,  You are the Maker of Heaven and earth and of all things visible and invisible.  Help us this day to envision Your Church that way You want the Church to be transformed.  Protect us and give us the strength to bring peace and Great Joy into Your Church.  Amen.

Read:  Psalm 27

The Nave is the space between the Narthex/Portico and the Sanctuary.   We often call the Sanctuary the whole area of the Church were we sit in pews and hear the Word of God.  But!  The area where the pews are is actually called the Nave.  In most Churches,  it is the Nave where all the stained glass windows are placed  or banners are placed.  The stained glass windows and banners aren't to brighten up the Church but are put in place in order to bring the Word of God alive.   Each window or banner tells a story about the Bible.   The Nave is the place set aside for lay people.   This is the place where the people of God gather. 

Our Churches contain pews.   Pews are for the convenience of people to sit to hear portions of the worship service.   Some pews are very comfortable and some pews are downright difficult to sit upon for an hour or more.    Some Churches today have replaced the wooden pew with padded pews or padded chairs.     

In our denomination’s  past,  some Churches used to charge a pew rent for the privilege of sitting in a pew.   Charging pew rent disappeared during the late 1920’s  and 1930’s.  Charging pew rent was a financial bonus for each congregation but was a bummer for creating equality within a congregation.       

Before the Reformation,  not many Churches had pews.  With the Word of God and sermons becoming  central to Worship in the Reformed Churches,  pews were added.    The first pews were wooden without a back.  Then came wooden pews with a back.  Then racks were added to the wooden pew backs in order to hold Bibles and Hymnals and Psalters.   

Prayer:  Teach us Your way O Lord and guide us upon Your path.  Amen.

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