Saturday, 26 May 2012

Almost Pentecost Saturday

Thank you so much for keeping Old Son in your prayers.  All his tests came back as "fit as a fiddle" which is amazing.   Now,  why he has a severe sore throat, canker sores in his mouth, and extreme fatigue remains a mystery.     But what our family was howling with laughter over was the Dr recommended Old Son go on a holiday.     Holiday has been a word in our family that hasn't been successful for four years.     And it looked like this year there would not be a holiday either (seeing as the car needed new tires and Husband is heading off to Vancouver for a month long course).   But somehow when a Dr says, "Thou shalt go away"   suddenly the family shalt go away.     As of now,  we have planned a weekend trip to North Dakota in June.    

Today is the Women of the War Years Luncheon - Fundraiser.  This group is extremely dedicated to preserving and sharing the life experiences of women who enlisted during WW2.   In Canada we had the Canadian Womens Army Corps (CWACs),  and the WRENs (Navy).    This is a great fundraiser where one dawns one's bestest black pants and tweed blazer and goes forth to eat and learn.

Today is also the day before Pentecost.  Pentecost is the time in the Church's life when the Holy Spirit came down upon the Disciples and they were able to speak languages --  both living and dead languages.  This indeed is the work of God.       Today,  how will you speak the work of God in your community?

Saturday Retreat....
Prayer:     Send down the Holy Spirit upon us so that we might rejoice in renewed enthusiasm.    Send down Your Holy Spirit upon the Churches in Manitoba and NW Ontario so that they may be renewed in Your love.    Send down Your Holy Spirit upon Your Ministers,  Lay Leaders, and  workers.  Keep them in Your  love and hope.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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