Thursday, 3 May 2012

Humbling Thursday

Yesterday was a humbling day.    Our Museum has a computer program called "Canadian Forces Artefact Management System".  It records every single artefact and object that is donated or loaned to our museum.    Yesterday I went on to find an artefact and the history of the artefact and the program would not open.    Two years of work is down the drain.   Old Son had come to the Museum with me and even he couldn't  recover the program.   Some of the files were still in the program and we managed to download a few of the files of artefacts.     I was in tears when Old Son said, "Come with me."   So I trotted after Old Son and found myself with the Museum Bren Gun in my arms.    Bren Guns were used in WW2 and are amazing weapons.       You know when one is being instructed about all the bells and whistles on this firearm,  one looses the tears of frustration.   Thank You Old Son!  

The words that popped into my mind this morning as I typed about loosing the artefact program is how much a blessing people are to us.    For Old Son for being at the Museum otherwise I would still be crying in my socks.   For the Curator that I can hand this problem over and together we'll find a solution.      Interesting that Jesus would use objects as examples to describe the Kingdom of Heaven.    In my short lifetime,  I've discovered that  it is through our experience with people that we begin to understand the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today be a blessing to someone in need!

Thursday Retreat.....
Prayer:   Thank You Lord for those who walk in Your path.  Blessed are those who seek to keep You in their hearts day and night.  Blessed are those who help us to keep fast to Your path of righteousness.  O that our ways are steadfast in obeying Your Word.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Read St. Matthew 13:  44 – 46

The Kingdom of heaven is like….   Here are two more parables teaching the disciples and us what the Kingdom of heaven is all about.    But what two odd teachings.  The first is a man – a trespasser or worker of the field,  we aren’t told which,   finds a treasure in the field. He then sells all he has and buys the land  that contains the treasure.    Huh?     We know that the man is poor as  even by selling all he has,  he only has enough money to buy one plot of land.   And really shouldn’t he have told the original land owner that he found a treasure?     Yes.   So what really is this parable about?   Ethics and morals?  No it is about finding the Kingdom of Heaven.    As we live out our lives, day by day,  week by week,  month by month and on one day in our reading and mediation (possible while gardening or cleaning out the dust bunnies from behind the sofa)  we suddenly get an “Aha! And great joy fills our hearts”.   We suddenly understand what we didn’t understand before about Jesus.   We get so excited that we are willing to sell our homes,  our car,  our bikes,  our quilting fabric so that we can share this joy and knowledge of Jesus with others.
The Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.  During Jesus’ time,  pearls were a source of  currency and could be found in India or Asia.   It was a long travel to find a pearl and so the pearls were treasured objects.   The man looking for this great pearl is a wealthy man as he can afford the travelling distance and the price of the great pearl.   Yet once the man finds the pearl,  what does Jesus say happens?  The man sells everything he has and buys the pearl.   Are you wondering why Jesus would tell a story about basic greed and economy?   Remember this is a parable about the Kingdom of Heaven… and what did the man do that is like the Kingdom of Heaven?  The man went out seeking for the best of the best of the best.   Jesus says that we too need to seek out our treasures,  our best gifts,  our best talents and bring them to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prayer:  Almighty God,  we seek You with all our hearts,  do not let us stray from Your commands.  We have hidden Your words in our hearts that  we might not sin against You.  We delight in Your ways and will not neglect Your Word.  Amen.

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