Monday, 28 May 2012

Most amazing Monday

Today we wake up to fog.   Brandon fog is nothing like coastal BC fog nor  Maritime fog.   This fog just hovers over the buildings and trees.   This fog looks more like one forgot to clean their glasses than fog.     Yet even this little amount of fog changes one's perspective of the neighbourhood.   Across the street from us is a school.... and in the fog,  while we can see the school  we can't see the flag pool.   Certain portions of our normal vision are hidden.

Isn't that like our Spiritual life.  Sometimes to us God seems to be hidden or missing when in fact,  God is still present but our vision of God is blurred or changed.    Often times this is due to our attitude or getting discouraged with life.  

Today,  write down three things your are thankful for and then write down a big THANK YOU.  Do this every day this week.... and your attitude will come out of the fog and become positive again.

Monday Retreat......
Prayer:  Blessed are You,  gracious God,  Creator of the universe.  You desire wholeness for all and provide abundantly for our every need.   When we are in a fog,  You are present by our side.  We give You thanks for our very lives this day.  Amen  (PCC The Common Book of Worship).

Read St. Matthew 17: 24 - 27

The Tax Collects were  talking about a Temple tax.  This is is interesting.  Moses instituted the Temple Tax for upkeep of the Tabernacle in the wildness  (no Pie fundraiser for Moses!)  It was imposed each time there was a census (Exodus 30: 11 - 16)  In Jesus' time, the Temple Tax had grown to every year for males aged twenty to fifty.

A Tax Collector comes to the house in Capernaum and asks Peter if Jesus pays the Temple tax.  Peter reponds that of course Jesus pays the tax!
Jesus then gives Peter a story of a king and who the king collects taxes from -- from his own sons or others.  Peter immediately responds, "Others!".   Jesus then says, "Oh then the sons are exempt."  Meaning that God is their King and should God be collecting taxes from his Son?  The answer is no.  But Jesus says to that they may not offend the Temple  Peter is to go catch a fish.  This fish will have a four-drachma coin.  Take the coin and give to the Collector.

What does this say about Churches?  Do we pay taxes Should our Churches be paying taxes.

Prayer:  Almighty God, You love us with an everlasting love.  You know all about us.  You know the thoughts of our hearts before our lips speak them.  You are acquainted with all our ways.  Hold us in Your love as we hold onto our faith this day.  This we ask in Jesus' name.  Amen.  (PCC The Book of Common Worship).

Many blessings!

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