Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Museum day yesterday.   Aaaah,  what a great positive group of people!    We have two lots of visitors come and view the Museum.    The first group of visitors were brothers whose family lived in the third story of the Armoury many many years ago.   Pa, Ma, and five brothers.    The brothers lived in one small room filled with bunkbeds.  Ma and Pa's  bedroom was also the living room.  The Kitchen was smaller than a galley kitchen on a train.  And the best part... the bathroom window overlooked the Parade Square!     It was great to have these visitors come and listen to their stories of "life in the Armoury".     Their only disappointment was our Museum Librarian was away on holiday.  They knew her as "the gal who lived in the Courthouse".   Both families were Caretakers.  Our Museum Librarian's  Mom and Dad took care of the Courthouse and yesterday's visitor's Mom and Dad took care of the Armoury.  
Indeed there is something to be said as Christians to take care of our community.  Caretakers of our community.

Wednesday Retreat.....
Prayer:  Our eyes grow heavy watching for some sign of Your promise.  How long must we wait for Your comfort?  In Your great love,  revive us so we can alertly obey Your every Word.   Amen.

Read St. Matthew 14: 13 – 21

When Jesus heard of John the Baptist’s  death,  he seeks time away from the crowds so that he can pray and meditate and take time for a retreat in God’s love.  But the crowds see where he is going and follow him.   
Does Jesus get angry and demand time away from the crowd?  Nope,   he has compassion on the crowd and heals their sick.   
As the day goes on,  the people start to get hungry.   The disciples come and ask Jesus if they should send everyone away and Jesus responds, “There is no need to dismiss them.  You give them supper”.   
Can you imagine the panic of the disciples?   Jesus has just asked them to feed the crowd.   This is not only a physical feeding but also a glimmer into the spiritual feeding that the disciples will be doing after Jesus’ death.
All the disciples can come up with are five loafs of bread and two fish.
Jesus asks the crowd to sit on the ground.  Jesus takes the bread and the fish,  offers thanks for the food,  breaks the loaves and asks the disciples to pass out the food.
The disciples hand out the food and end up with twelve baskets left over. A miracle! Twelve baskets are still filled.  Twelve,  the same number as the tribes of Israel.   This is a sign to the disciples that they will be feeding God’s chosen people both physically and spiritually.  
Five thousand men were fed… plus their wives and their children.  That is a lot of people being fed.
Today,  see how Jesus is asking you to feed His people!

Prayer:  Holy God,  what You say, goes and stays as permanent as the heavens.  Your truth never goes out of fashion,  it is as up to date as the earth when the sun comes up.  Your Word and truth are dependable as ever.  That is what You ordered – You set the earth going.  We will never forget the advice You gave us – You saved our lives with Your wise Words.   Help us to look past our own limits and look to Your horizon and see only Your love.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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