Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday Mornings

Thinking negatively.  Boy,  is it ever easy to think negatively and get mired down into the abyss of yucky.  Or people make a comment that hurts us to the quick but they don't realize their comments have hurt.      Sending this negativity to God is so important so that we are made whole and can live joyously in God's sight.     Letting go and letting God.

This quilt is called a Resurrection Quilt.  It is for a Nursing Home in Saskatoon.  When their
clients die,  this quilt covers them until the Coroner arrives.    While you might think this is a negative thing,   it is actually a joyous time.    And people are requesting in their Living Wills that they get
covered by the Resurrection Quilt.  Oh how neat!  

Monday Retreat.....
Prayer:  We remember what You said to us and we hang onto these words for dear life.  We read Your words this day in Your Holy Scripture and have listened to Your words preached from the pulpit.   Great God,  Your words hold us up in bad times and rejuvenate us.   We meditate on Your name all night O Lord and treasure Your revelation.   We live by Your Word and Your Counsel.  This we bring to You in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Read St. Matthew  13:  53 – 58

A prophet without honour.   Jesus goes back to his home town.  He teaches in the synagogue and they people are amazed.   They say things like, “Where did this man get his wisdom and these miraculous powers?”  
Unfortunately,  rather than being amazed at Jesus’ ability to teach about the love of God,  they don’t listen to Jesus’ preaching and start cutting him down instead.   “We’ve known him since he was a kid;  he’s the carpenter’s son.  We know his mother, Mary.  We know his Brothers James and Joseph, Simon and Judas.  All his sisters live here. Who does he think he is?”  (The Message  Matthew 13: 55)  And they get upset,  get their noses out of joint,  and decide that Jesus is only the carpenter’s son.
Well bummer.    How close these people were to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Yet, they closed their ears to the preaching of the Word of God and they closed their hearts to the love of God.   
Today,   keep your hearts open to the love of God.  Keep your ears open to the teachings of the Word of God.    When you start to think negatively or get upset today,  stop and really look at your situation… then give it to God  and change your  thoughts to one of positive thoughts in God’s name.

Prayer:  Because You have satisfied us, O Lord, we promise to do everything You say.  We beg You from the bottom of our hearts.  Smile upon us and be gracious to us just as You promised.  As we read of the stories of Jesus,  we get back on the trail You have blazed.  We are quick to follow Your Words.  We give you all the negative comments we hear today.  We give you all the negative situations we are involved in today.   Great God,  we give You our burdens and know that You will lift them up from our shoulders and make as whole.    Your love, O God, fills the earth.  Train us to live by Your counsel.   Amen.

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