Sunday, 6 May 2012


Prayer to Prepare your hearts for Worship:   Let Your love,  O God,  shape our lives with salvation exactly as You promised.  Then we’ll be able to stand up to those who oppose us because we trust Your Word.   Don’t ever deprive us of truth,  not ever—Your commandments are what we depend upon.   We will guard with all our life what You have revealed to us.  We will guard it now and guard it forever.  We will stride freely through wide open spaces as we look for Your truth and Your wisdom.  Then we will tell the whole world what we find.   We will speak out boldly in public.  We cherish Your love for us.  We cherish every fragment of Your counsel.  Be with those who preach and lead in worship today -- open their hearts to Your Word so that they can proclaim Your Word to the Church today.  Be with those of us who sit in the pews,  listening for Your Word.  Open our minds to Your Word and Good News so that we can take the love of Christ out into the community with us this week.   This we bring in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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