Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday and Sunday

The season of Lent is coming up very soon.    Lent is a time during which the Church looks at what they believe.   It is a time of reflecting upon our life in Christ and how we can become amazing examples of Christ in our neighbourhood and world.   Lent is also a time of repentance – a time of saying to Christ, “I am sorry for not sharing your life with others”.      So each Saturday during February,  we will spend time in prayer and meditation asking ourselves what we believe.  A Lenten Retreat.

Before we begin the Lenten Retreat ask yourself  a Big Question:   Who is Jesus Christ?

Prayer:   Jesus,  I come into Your presence today knowing that You love me for who I am.    Jesus, I come into Your presence today knowing that listen to all I say.    Jesus,  I come into Your presence today basking in Your love and glory.  Jesus, You have brought me to this moment and I love You.

Re-read  St Luke 7: 1- 10
* I see or contemplate each person in those events, especially Jesus himself.
*  I listen to the words, spoken or implied. I ask myself what they might mean. Do they apply to me?
*  I ponder   the actions, gestures and emotions of Jesus.   Tell Jesus  what I think about faith and what Jesus means to me.
  *   What touched my heart about this scripture?   What did I find difficult?
   *   Was there something I would like to return to?
   *   Was there a phrase of verse that I would like to remember?

 Picture Jesus sitting beside you.   Tell Jesus why he is your Lord and Saviour.    Be aware of the love Jesus has for you.  Share any questions you have about Jesus and just let the questions be in Jesus’ presence.  You don’t need to answer the questions yourself.

Prayer:  Jesus Christ,  my Lord and Saviour,  You call me to follow You and to become like You.  You call me to live in communion with God and with each other.  I do not always know where you are leading me but I know that You lead me beside green pastures.   Jesus Christ,  Son of God,  I love you with my whole heart and soul and mind.   Amen.  

Sunday February 3

Prayer:   O God, whose mighty hand has fashioned the stars, and whose tender love cares for the least of Your creatures,  we worship and bow down before You,  for You alone are worthy of our praise.  There is no power in all this vast world which must not own You Lord.  Your gracious will is sure,  Your promise of mercy and forgiveness cannot fail.  Glory be to You, blessed Trinity.  Your power is infinite and Your love is incomparable.  With our lips,  our lives, and the whole affection of our hearts we bless You now and evermore.  Amen.
(Book of Common Order of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, 1964,  pg. 173)

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