Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday - Lent 2

Lent is always an interesting time.   While it is a time of repentance and returning to God,  it also is a preparation for Easter.    The Glorious Resurrection.     Soon in our house we will be making Ukrainian Eggs called Pysanky.   We are not experts by any means but we make pysanky each year to remind us of  the joy of the Resurrection.  The eggs take a long time to create as one waxes over one colour and then dyes the egg and then waxes over the other colour.    Getting the wax to flow over the egg is a skill all on it's own.  The kiska (wax writer) is filled with a bit of wax and then heated over a candle.  The wax is beeswax.  Often when one is creating a design,  a blob of wax will suddenly make a change on one's design.   Pysanky are created by saying prayers at each step of the creation. Pysanky really makes one slow down and focus upon not only the wax and the design and the colours but also on the time of Lent... the time of preparing for Easter.... the glorious Resurrection.  When the Pysanky are completed,  the egg is totally black with wax and with dye.  Then comes the time of holding the Pysanky over the candle and wiping off the black wax.   A single swip unveils colour.   This is Easter.    From the darkness of our sins comes a time of repentance and then when all seems dark and hidden,  the Glory of Easter is revealed.   

Prayer:  Lord God of Hosts,  we pray for all who are lonely and sorrowful,  who bear heavy burdens ,  who face hardships and suffering.  Grant that they may know the love of Christ which never fails,  and be strong for Your sake.    Hear us O Lord.    We pray for every family.  May the love of husbands and wives embody the love of Christ.  May the care of parents for their young be the instrument of Your disciple and tenderness.  May the young have a greatful,  loving and obedient regard for those who have borne them.  And may all be quick to forgive one another failings and glad to help one another in faith and obedience.  In the name of Your Son,  who loves us and gave Himself for us.  Amen.
(Book of Common Order of the Presbyterian Church in Canada,  1964.  pg. 177).

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