Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thursday - being a disciple

Prayer:  You called us into Your Church to be Your servants in the world in the name of  Jesus Christ.  You promised to be present among us,  to direct and defend Your people by the power of the Spirit.  And now we give You thanks, for Your faithfulness to us.  By the power of Your Spirit  continue in all of us the good work You have begun so that we may willingly serve You in love and joy with courage and truth in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen 
(The Book of Common Worship.  The Presbyterian Church in Canada,  1991.  pg. 141).

Read St. Luke 9:  22 – 27

Phew.  Difficult words to read.   What,  do you think,  the Disciples thought when they heard Jesus saying these words?     Do you think they were surprised and astonished?   

Today read this portion of scripture through again and ponder  these things:
1.  how does  Jesus calls the Disciples (and us)  to be  disciples of Christ
2.  what is our daily duty
3.  what is the example of Jesus and how do we example this same life in our lives today
4.  what does the word “serve” mean for us today

Read through this portion of scripture again and  jot down any word or phrase that leaps out at you.   Ponder why these words or phrases are important for you as a Christian.
Prayer:    Great God,  we now go out into the world in peace.  We go out in good courage.  We hold fast to that which is good.    Strengthen those who are faint of heart.   Support the weak O LORD,  and help the afflicted.  May we love and serve You each and every day of our lives.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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