Monday, 11 February 2013

The Gym Quilt

This is a quilt that will hopefully be completed by March 2013.    The Christian Heritage School here in Brandon is fundraising to build a gym.      Hopefully this quilt will be part of their fundraising efforts.      The fabric is Nancy Halvorsen collected over many years and with great help from Gwen in Fort McMurray who found lots of the Nancy Halvorsen fabrics at her local quilt shop.    Thanks Gwen!  
Now to figure out how to quilt this quilt.      
When quilting a quilt  I always take soooo long deciding how to quilt.  It usually goes like this.
Lorna:  Quilt,  speak to me. 
Quilt:   Cookie
Lorna:  Oooh,  eat a cookie.  Good idea.     (Dusting off the cookie crumbs I say to the quilt).  So quilt,  do you want an all over pattern or definited quilting?  Speak to me quilt.....
Quilt:  Chocolate bar.
Lorna:  Oooh,  eat a chocolate bar.  Good idea.  We happen to have a new supply of Fry's Orange Cream Chocolate bars in our pantry.    But (dusting off chocolate bits),   that still doesn't help me with knowing how to quilt you.....
Quilt:  Isn't it time to get some more Museum paperwork done?
Lorna:  Gosh,  you're right.  We've got an exhibit coming up in March and the Annual General Meeting is tomorrow and we have to decide if we want to change the name of our Museum Board to meet Canadian Forces Museum standards.    Maybe if I call Revenue Canada and stare at you while I'm waiting for an operator,  an idea will strike.
Quilt:  Cookie......


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