Thursday, 21 February 2013

Thursday - the Messiah

Prayer:  Jesus,  Son of God,  You are the joy of loving hearts.   You are the fountain of our life providing us with life-giving love and joy.   Our restless spirits yearn for You.  Help us this day to be Your hands and Your feet in serving others so they too will know of Your life-giving love and joy.  Amen.

Read St. Luke  8:  49 – 56

Now we come back to the story of Jairus and his ill daughter.   Between the time that Jairus had come to Jesus asking Jesus to come heal his daughter and the woman touched Jesus’ garment and was healed,  Jairus’  daughter had died.   Someone from the house of Jairus came and said that Jairus’ daughter was dead so Jesus didn’t need to come anymore.

Jesus turned to Jairus and said, “Don’t be afraid.  Just believe and she will be healed”.  
When Jesus arrives at the house of Jairus,  there were already mourners in attendance.   The daughter was dead and the mourners were sitting and wailing with the family.  

Jesus says to the mourners, “The girl is only asleep” and enters the home and takes with him Peter and John and James.    When Jesus made that statement,  the mourners laugh.   They have seen the girl and they know she is dead. 

Taking the hand of the Jairus’ daughter,  Jesus says, “My child, get up!”    At once she got up.   Jesus asks the family to give her something to eat.  This is confirm that the daughter is alive.   Jairus and the family are astonished.  Yet  Jesus tells the family and the mourners not to tell anyone.  

Not to tell anyone.  In a small town,  “not telling anyone” means the event spreads quicker.    Why did Jesus say this?   Healing is one thing,  like the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years,  but to bring someone back from death means to the people that Jesus could be the Messiah.  And Jesus was not yet ready to announce that he was the Messiah.  Remember that the Romans were always on the look out for those who would be trying to overturn their rule.    For the Romans,  the “Messiah” was a political and rebel figure of someone coming to eliminate the Romans from Israel.    

Ponder today what the word “Messiah” means to you.

Prayer:   Messiah,  Holy Lord,  giver of life eternal.   We thank You that we can come to You  anytime of day or night.  Be with us in our studies and meditations this day.    Through reading Your Holy Scripture  may we come to see You fully,  love You dearly,  and see You in our life clearly. Amen.

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