Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thursday - Valentine's Day

Prayer:  Divine Healer,  You have provided us with hearts made for love and to share Your love.  May we remember this day to share Your love as Valentine was an example to all those within the Church. May Your love always shine out of our hearts into the eyes of everyone we meet this day.     Amen.

Read St. Luke 8: 16 – 18

This is the perfect scripture for Valentine’s Day.   Jesus tells the Disciples and the crowd that no one lights a lamp and then tries to hide the light.  Instead,  he puts the light on a stand so that those who come into the house can see the light and not trip over obstacles. 

Here Jesus is telling the Disciples and the crowd,  that those who listen to Jesus’ teaching are not keeping secrets – they aren’t hiding anything.    Jesus then warns them to be careful that they don’t become misers of what they hear.   Share the stories with everyone.  Don’t keep the stories of Jesus to themselves.   Share the stories and the love of Jesus with everyone you meet this day.

Interesting.   Today is Valentine’s Day.    In 496BC,  the Church decided that today would be the day to celebrate the faith of Valentine.     During the life of the Church there were many Valentines – some priests,  some monks,  some Bishops.  But the common thread to all of the Valentine’s  was they kept their faith through trial and tribulation.     While we don’t know which of the Valentine’s  today is in celebration of,  we do know that the example of Valentine is amazing.  Even in discouragement or frustration or tribulation – keep the faith.  Keep praying to God.  Keep sharing the Good News of Jesus.   

So,  today wish everyone you meet a Happy Valentine’s  Day!   You will know that you are sharing the Good News of Jesus to them in a very simple and easy way.    Then this evening,  remember all those whom you wished a Happy Valentine’s  Day and uphold them in your nightly prayers.

Prayer:   Love Divine.  Almighty God place Your loving hands upon us so that we continue to share Your love and hope with joy and praise.    Love Divine,  lift up our weary hearts so they become hearts filled with enthusiasm and deep love.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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