Thursday, 7 June 2012

Amazing Thursday

Today is Day Two of the Brandon Summer Fair.    The Museum has a 10 foot booth for the
Summer Fair.   Old Son wore a WW2 Battle Dress ensemble and now has a real understanding of the words "wool"  and "hot".     Old Son dawned the Battle Dress ensemble and toured through the MidWay of the Fair handing out Museum Brochures.     We had twenty people tour past our display table.     Each person that trotted past looking (either for food or the washroom,  we're quite sure) ended up being given a 1 cup serving of the Queen's  Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea.   We said that is was to commemorate D-Day.     Guess today when we hand out the tea it will be D-Day +1.   :)

Today there are enough volunteers that we don't need to fill in anywhere so all we need to do is show the volunteers what we have to set up and then we are away to begin accessioning the Bennett Collection.

In this summer time of busy-ness,  remember to take time to be in God's presence!  I am so greatful that in these past four days of standing and lifting and hauling that there is created something called "Epsoms Salts".  It is so refreshing each evening to stick my aching feet into a pail of epsom salted waters.   Thank you God for epsom salts!

Thursday Retreat....
Prayer:   Great God,  whether we are to sit in Your presence,  rest in Your love,  or work sharing the Gospel,   may we do what we need to do today with Your joy and in Your great love.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Read  St. Matthew 20: 1 – 16

What is the Kingdom of God?   Jesus tells the disciples that the Kingdom of God is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire men to work in his vineyard.  They agreed upon a wage.   The landowner discovers by the third hour,  sixth hour, and ninth hour that he needs more help.   And he agrees to pay the men all the same wage.

At the end of the day,  the men who were hired first were upset because everyone received the same wage.  The men who worked a full day did not think that it was fair to be paid the same amount the men who only worked one hour were paid. The landowner then says that he was not unfair.  They had agreed upon a wage and he had paid them that wage.     The last shall be first and the first will be last.
So too those who have been God’s chosen people for thousands of years had been called “God’s chosen people”.  Yet,  the gentiles now were becoming God’s people.   No matter how long or how short of a time one returns to God,  God gives love unconditionally.

Prayer:   Creator God,  we return to You again this day seeking Your guidance for our lives.    We come before You in silence now so that we can listen to Your words this day………     (sit in silence for a few minutes, listening for the word of God).     Great God,  we are listening,  speak to us……….       For the words You have given us today we give You thanks and praise.  In Jesus’ name we  pray.  Amen.

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