Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesday at the Museum

For Old Son and myself,  yesterday was a time of retreat.   A time away from the ordinary work of Church and Museum and Cadets and Reservist duties.    Yesterday we went out to the Firearms Range and had a blast!  Two handguns and one M-4.  Wow.   What amazing weapons.   But who knew that the stance for a handgun was the same as the stance for Tai Chi!    It is in times of "hummm"  when one realizes that there is one Creator over all.  And that is reasurring.   Especially as the Museum has a big grant application to complete before tomorrow and a new tour booked for next week.   We are already praying for God's guidance and healing in trying to do too many events in too short a time.

Husband Mine is in Winnipeg for the week.  Many prayers for hospitality at all meetings he attends and for travelling mercies as he drives to all the meetings.   

On the quilting front.... I am doing research on what quilt design to create for our Tai Chi Society's  January New Year Celebrations. (Which means quilt books all over the living floor!)   The fabrics are all purchased:  red, gold, and black with dragons on the black fabric.   But for months the quilt design has alluded me.  If anyone has any ideas,  please let me know!

Remember this day to make time to be in God's presence.  Rest in God's love and compassion.  And most importantly,  like Jesus asking the two blind men "What do you want me to do for you".... we can answer this same question with God.  Our God is a God of love and is delighted to hear from us.  And then we need to remember to listen! :)

Tuesday Retreat.....
Prayer:   We cry out to You today O Lord,   have mercy upon us.   Have mercy upon us and grant us Your peace.   Amen.

Read  St. Matthew 20: 29 – 34

Two blind men were sitting by the side of the road.   The two men were sitting by the roadside in order to ask for money.   Because they were blind,  the Jewish community assumed that either they have sinned or their families had sinned.   Being blind meant that you were excluded from being part of their family.  How were they to eat and live?  By sitting away from any town,  by being on the roadside and asking anyone who walked by for alms. 

Yet when Jesus walks by,  the two blind men shout, “Lord, Son of David!  Have mercy upon us!”    Jesus stops and asks them “What do you want me to do for you?”  The two blind men respond that they want their sight.  Re-gaining their sight means they were whole and healed and could re-join their families.   

Jesus has compassion upon them,  touches their eyes (which made him unclean.  Hummm!) and they are healed.     

In order to verify that they were healed and could go back to their families,  they would have gotten up and presented themselves to the Priest.   The Priest would then have declared them healed.

What do you think the Priest would say when he saw these two men healed of their blindness?     

What do our Churches do this day for those who are on the outside of our communities?  Do we help heal the blind and those who are ill?

Prayer:  Almighty King,  we go forward with Christ, from death to new life.  We move on a firm foundation of dry ground that is none other than the faithfulness of God whose loving mercy endures forever.  Help us O Lord to take courage knowing that as we help others,  the promises of God of renewed life are for us and for all others.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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