Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wednesday's Time of Retreat and Reflection

Wednesday.    Looking at the garden flowers that have just received a lot of rain,  the flowers look so fresh and new!    Sometimes when we go through times of "rain"... times of hardship or times of frustrations,  we certainly don't look fresh and new BUT it if we rely on God and give God our problems and burdens,  we too can be refreshed and renewed.

And just because yesterday was the fantastic Museum day... a photo for you from our last week's Booth at the Brandon Summer Fair:

Old Son, our Museum Student Intern,  holding Officers swagger stick... dummy Roy in the background wearing  WW2 Battledress. 

Wednesday Retreat.....
Prayer:  Hosanna,  Hosanna is the Name of the Glorious King!  Hosanna in the highest our Lord and our God.  We rejoice with You this day and forever.   Amen.

Read  St. Matthew 21: 1 - 11

Traditionally in the Church,  we read this passage of scripture during Palm Sunday.  Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.    The road into Jerusalem is uphill.   Standing  the top of the hill in the Temple,  the Pharisees and Scribes could see this crowd coming into Jerusalem.     The crowd would be singing the Psalms of Journeying to Jerusalem (like Psalm 121).     The Scribes and Pharisees would see people placing their coats on the road before a  man who was riding a donkey .      At least it was a donkey which meant peace and not a horse which meant war.   The crowd was also waving palm branches and shouting Psalm 118.  Palm branches were frequently waved in the procession of the Tabernacles (The Feast of Booths – a time of saying Thank You to God).    The crowd would have been familiar with waving palm branches.   

 Would the Scribes and Pharisees  have known this was Jesus entering Jerusalem?   

We do know that the whole city was shaken and asked “What is going on here?  Who is this?”     The crowd answers, “This is Jesus,  the prophet from Nazareth in Galilee!” 

Prayer:  Great God,  You empower us to live in the newness of life as people of the Word.  Invite us to be renewed this day through Your Words and Your Holy Scriptures so that we can share Your work with the world.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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