Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Worshipful Sunday

Almighty and merciful God,  in the face of much that seems to deny Your presence, we give You greatful thanks for the victory of Christ, that has become our victory in him.  We thank You for revealing Yourself  in Jesus our Saviour.  He blessed little children when adults thrust them aside.  He touched lepers and made them whole; wept at the death of a friend; confronted fear in the darkness of a garden; was subject to the torturer’s lash and the scoffer’s tongue.  And he suffered as we suffer.  We thank You that in his death and resurrection, Christ has overcome all that can destroy us.  We thank You thank nothing in our lives, no power or principality, no occasion of pain or fear, can ever separate us from Your love.  In our weakness Your strength is shown.  Help us, Gracious Lord, so to bear our infirmities before the world that we may testify to Your strength and become to others a means of grace; through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom with You and the Holy Spirit, be honour and glory through all the ages.  Amen!

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