Thursday, 21 June 2012


Thursday retreat.....
Prayer:   Gracious God,  may we live in Your Spirit of wisdom.   Help us to  grow in faith, hope,  and love, and be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.   Amen. 
Read St. Matthew 22: 15 – 22

The Pharisees  and some of Herod’s followers attempt to trap Jesus by proving they have more knowledge about the Kingdom of Heaven than Jesus. The Pharisees and Herod’s followers had such differing beliefs,  it is amazing they got together.   The followers of Herod were all about Rome and the Roman Law.  The Pharisees were all about following the Law of Moses and Worship of God. 

 They try to discredit Jesus’s teachings by asking him a trick question.    Jesus knew they were up to no good.  They  ask Jesus if it is right to pay taxes to Caesar.   If Jesus answered “no” then the followers of Herod would exclaim that Jesus was against the law of the land and Rome… and could be arrested.  If Jesus answered “yes” then the Pharisees would exclaim that Jesus was for (or pro) the oppressive government which was destroying the Jewish Laws and way of life.     Which ever way Jesus answered this question, he would be in deep trouble. 

Jesus asks if they have a coin.  They do have a coin.  Jesus asks them whose name is on the coin.  The Pharisees and Herod’s followers  respond, “Caesar”.   Jesus replies that they must give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s.

In our Churches today  we still heed Jesus’ answer.  We need to give to the Government what belongs to the Government and give to God what is God’s.       Today look around you and see what ways your Church can help the Government and Local Government.
You might be surprised at what you find and surprised at the  way the Church can help.

Prayer:  Almighty God,  we are Your hands and feet and continue Your ministry in and through the Church.   Grant us wisdom and increase our faith to use the gifts that You have given us to further Your kingdom.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen

Many blessings!

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