Saturday, 16 June 2012

Preparaing for Sabbath

Planning.   Best laid plans.   Today is the 71 Bty 2520 Brandon Army Cadets Annual Ceremonial Review.  I was all set to go until.... the water tank decided to stop working. And is now dribbling water out of the tank.   Oh oh.    As it is still early,  I am waiting to call the plumber until 0900hrs.     
While waiting for people and phone calls,  it certainly gives one time to pray!

Vacation Bible School.   The story behind the Vacation Bible Schools in Manitoba (Synod of Manitoba and NW Ontario,  Presbyterian Church in Canada)  this year.  
Melita has a community-wide VBS with the Churches in Melita gathering together to create one fantastic VBS.   Awesome!
Westwood Presbyterian Church provides funds for two leaders of the four member VBS team.  A Grant from the Manitoba Government provides funds for the other two members.  This year the Manitoba Government did not provide a Grant for the two VBS members so funds are still required.   
While the four member VBS team goes out to the Presbyterian Churches in the communities listed above,  the local Presbyterian Church is also asked to help pray for this ministry as well as provide healthy snacks for the VBS (as well as setting up for snacks and cleaning up after).
You can be  part of this awesome ministry even if you can’t leave home.  We would ask you to keep the Host Churches,  VBS team, and children/youth in your prayers from now until the last week of August.  Any financial donations you wish to make would be delightfully accepted and can be sent to Westwood Presbyterian Church 
197 Browning Blvd     Winnipeg MB      R3K 0L1
Please mark all cheques with “Funds for VBS” in the memo box.

Holy God.  Holy Mighty One.   God of power and strength,  we give You thanks for the Vacation Bible Schools that are being planned this summer.   Guide the leaders and teachers,  provide enthusiasm for them as they prepare to share Your Good News with the children and Youth in the communities of Melita, Neepawa, Carberry,  Winnipegosis,  Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg, Lockport, and Selkirk.   This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Preparing for the Sabbath:
Holy God.  Holy Mighty One.  Prepare our hearts this day so that we can come before You tomorrow at Church  with joyful hearts.   For those things we have left undone this week... help us to realize that everything will be accomplished in Your good timing.   For those things we have left unsaid this week... remind us that Your Holy Spirit provides us with inspiration when words are needed.    For those things we have left and not asked for forgiveness this week....  forgive us O LORD for the things we need to ask for forgiveness right now........and we reflect upon Your goodness and Your grace and know that we are forgiven.     Be with those who are in need this day of life and laughter and extra support.   Use us as You would so that we can bring the light of Christ into this world.   Use us so that we can be Your beacon and bring people into Your Holiness.  Open our minds and souls to Your Word that will be heard tomorrow at Church.  Be with those who are preaching and those who are listening.    This we ask in Your Son's name.  Amen.

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