Friday, 8 June 2012

Prayerful Friday

This is day three of the Brandon Summer Fair.  And while I didn't work at the Fair yesterday,  I'm just about all in.     Isn't it something how our bodies only go for so long and then remind us we need to rest and relax and meditate. 

A big thank you to Husband MIne for transportation to the Fair to set up for the Volunteers AND to Old Son for finding a friend to come look at our computer program.

In the Military Museum world,  there is one computer program for recording artefacts.  This program and I have never got along.  It breaks down,  I cry.  It looses artefacts,  I cry.    It makes donors names disappear,  I cry.    Yesterday the program finally bit the biscuit.   No artefacts left.  All three years of entry gone missing.  Did I cry?  Nope,  I laughted and started hitting my head against a wall.   So  Old Son has a friend coming on Saturday to see if he can resurrect this program.  

Resurrection.   Jesus told his disciples three times that he would die and be Resurrected.  But did they understand what Jesus was telling them?  Sort of.   But still living the experience is the way we all seem to learn and remember best.     This day live in the love of God,  knowing that Jesus has given us ultimate forgiveness and eternal life.

Friday Retreat......
Prayer:  Jesus,  You predicted Your death and resurrection to the disciples.   They were silent.   Yet today we can not keep silent.  We know that through Your death and Your Resurrection we are given renewed life and love.  In Your powerful name.  Amen.

Read  St. Matthew 20: 17 – 19

Jesus takes the Disciples aside and predicts his death.    This is the third time that Jesus has told the Disciples of his death.   

Jesus tells the Disciples what will happen to him as they go up to Jerusalem.   

Instead of a time of rejoicing and singing the journeying Psalms to go to worship at Jerusalem,  the Disciples hear for the third time that Jesus will be condemned to death yet on the third day,  he will be raised from the dead.  

What would you be thinking right now if you were one of the Disciples to hear Jesus saying these words to you?  

We know the rest of the story, so it is easy for us to say that we would accept Jesus’ words.   But what about those today who will hear words from their Doctors or Nurses that say, “I’m sorry your test results came back positive for …….” whatever disease.    As we know that Jesus died to forgive our sins,  we need to keep those who are undergoing medical and physical struggles in our prayers of comfort and love.   

Prayer:    Redeemer Jesus,  whatever we are to do today, help us to do with Your love.  Whatever we are to say today,  help us to say it with the light of Your love shining through us.   Whomever we are to listen to today,  help us to open our ears of faith.  This we ask in Your Glorious name.  Amen.

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