Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday Retreat

Fridays are always neat.  Here in Brandon,  we wear red shirts in support of our Military.   There is a wonderful organization called Brandon Salutes that gives our community a memory and reminder  of our Military.

Brandon is also raising funds for a new Veterans Memorial.   For $100.00,   a Brandon Veteran's name
can be added onto a Memorial plaque.   I have three uncles that served in WW2.  My cousin paid for all three names to be added onto the Memorial plaque so that our family history is saved somewhere.  How neat is that!  

It is awesome when community groups and family come together in joyous work.   But sometimes people and Churches and lack of computer knowledge creates  an anger in our souls that is not good for us nor anyone else.   Thank goodness for prayer!

 Devotional -- 
Prayer:    Almighty God,  help me to forgive those people and situations that make me angry or upset.   May I offer these people or situations up to You in prayer……..
Lord have mercy upon me.      Forgive me God,  for the times I have forgotten to do something.  Forgive me Lord,  for the time I have not done something I should.    Forgive me Lord,  for the times I have hurt others.     Lord, have mercy upon me and grant me Your peace.  Amen.

Read:  St. Matthew 5: 21- 26

Anger.  Who among us has ever been rip-roaring angry at someone?  Jesus  tells the disciples if they have ever been rip-roaring angry with their family member or a friend or acquaintance to go to that person and ask forgiveness.   During the Lord’s Supper, there is something called the “Passing of the Peace”.  This is the time when we look back at our life and if we find that we are angry or upset or ticked off with a Church member or friend or family member or community acquaintance,  we need to go and ask their forgiveness.   For the disciples,  Jesus says for them to leave their offering at the altar,  go find their brother,  ask for forgiveness, then offer your gift to God.   We can not approach God until we have asked forgiveness from the person who has caused us harm or whom we have caused harm. 
And what happens if we do not ask for forgiveness?  Then we will be separated from the love of God.  

Prayer:   Almighty and Loving God,  please dissolve all feelings, thoughts, and patterns of anger in my soul.  Please sweep away all  my impatience,  struggle, and suffering that resides in my consciousness.   God of all Majesty,  turn my frustration and anger into inspiration and enthusiastic action.     Steer me in the direction where my actions will become actualize so that I can experience Your healing and Your Good News.   This I ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Many blessings!

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