Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday - Lent 1

Aaaah Lent.  That time when we look inwardly at ourselves and our attitudes and behaviours... and ask for forgiveness from God.    

This weekend was a fantastic weekend.   The Vimy Powerpoint Presentation is just about complete.  A couple of more edits and last minute  "Should I include" thats and we are done.  Our first presentation is tomorrow with the Army Cadets in Virden.   And wouldn't cha know I woke up Saturday with a sore throat and sinus icky and cough.    So far I still have my voice.    Heh heh heh,  this should be interesting to see if my voice will keep plugging away until Tuesday evening!

Have a fanastic day today and happy Lent 1!

Prayer:   Creator God,  we thank You that You are always present in our lives.  When we get discouraged and downhearted,  help us to remember You.  When we get tired,  help us to remember Your great Joy.    This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Read:  St. Matthew 7: 7 – 11

Many Churches that have stained glass windows  include one called “Behold I stand at the Door and Knock”.    This window portrays Jesus carrying a latern while knocking on a door that is covered with vines and looks unkept.  All these stained glass windows are a copy of the great painting “The Light of the World,  painted in 1853  by William Holman Hunt.   (Who was reflecting upon Revelation 3:20 and St. Matthew 7: 7 – 11).  William Holman Hunt painted another copy of this painting for St. Paul’s Cathedral London.

First Presbyterian Church,  New Westminster has this beautiful stained glass window of Jesus knocking on the door.  What you don’t realize is that many years ago when the Session and Board were designing the window,  the stained glass artist put a door knob into the door in the Stained Glass design.   Quickly the Minister and Session asked the artist to take out the door knob.    So,  why does this stained glass portray Jesus knocking on a door without a doorknob?    Because it is an illustration of this very text.  Jesus knocks on the door to our hearts,  but only we can open the door from the inside and welcome Jesus into our lives.  

Prayer:   Lord God,  we hear You knocking on the door to our hearts.  And we open the door to our hearts this day with joy and praise.   We welcome You into our lives and live in Your presence with joy and praise.  This we ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.   

Many blessings!

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