Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wintery Saturday Retreat

Saturdays.   Household chore day.   More paperwork day.  Sitting in a rocking chair reading a book day.  Quilting day. Preparing our hearts for Sunday.   And listening to Saturday Afternoon at the Opera Day.   Aaaaah,  what could be better than that?!  
Last evening I had the honour, delight, and pleasure to be an Interviewer on the 82 Sqn Brandon Air Cadets Preparatory Scholarship Boards.   Wow!  Four Air Cadets from this Squadron are preparing themsevles for Summer Training courses this summer.    Two cadets have applied for their Pilot's  license,   one cadet has applied for his Glider's  course,  and one cadet has applied to go on the Osh Kosh trip.   Each of these four cadets have had to write an essay why they want these courses,  now comes the interview portion.   And the process is tough as cadets all across Manitoba vie for the same courses.   And only a selected few cadets will receive these courses.   The four Brandon cadets did very well with their Mock Interviews.    I was impressed with their excellent attitudes,  good voice levels.... and none of them were hand wavers!!!   Excellent guys!    Many prayers for each of you as you prepare and study and interview!!!   Thank you Lt Harrison for asking me to be part of this exciting scholarship preparation time.

Today make time to pray for Cadets across Canada.   Army,  Sea,  and Air.   Awesome program.  Awesome leadership and citizen skills.

Great God,  we pray for the Presbyterian Sessions in Manitoba and North Western Ontario.  May they recognize and celebrate all the wonderful things that have happened in their congregations.  Help these Sessions to recognize and celebrate all the magnificent people with whom they have ministered to over the years.  May all Elders know that they are truly blessed.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.  

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