Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday - Lent 1

There is something special about the first Sunday in Lent.   In the Presbyterian Church,  we add a special Lenten Liturgy to our order of Worship.     The Lenten Liturgy is also produced by the Presbyterian World Service and Development... and agency within the Presbyterian Church in Canada that helps those in diaster and need.     This year Rev Emily Bisset wrote the Lenten Liturgy.    It is neat how she brings Old Testament images into today's  worship.   

Well,  yesterday ended up being a non-quilting day.   A bit of a bummer not to quilt yesterday but there was so much other activity going on with Museum paperwork the day went by in a blur.    Old Son and I are down to the wire with going over and reviewing and modifying the Battle of Vimy Powerpoint Presentation for Tuesday's  first viewing.   So far we have 70 slides and discovered that we need more emphasis on the Battle itself.  Humm.  How intriguing. 
Yesterday was also getting the Museum's  Vimy Night fundraiser tickets produced.  Hurrah for Staples and specialty paper.   So!  If anyone is in Brandon on Saturday 31 March 2012... please come to our Vimy Night Fundraiser.   RSVP for supper tickets is 21 March 2012 (Supper tickets are $15.00 per person). 

May this first Sunday in Lent be a time to retreat into the presence of God. 

Lenten Liturgy:
Leader: God holds us in a covenant of grace. The promise to Noah is our promise too: God will never again destroy the whole world in order to make things new.

People: Rather, God will work through us to make things new.

Leader: We need change that turns us inside out, focusing us on the needs of those around us.

People: May we embrace the changes that will leave fear behind and open up a whole new world ahead.


Leader: May the God of the rainbow assure us that the world is in good hands.

People: May Christ, who shared our humanity, open our hearts to the pain of all who suffer.

Leader: May the Holy Spirit give us courage and conviction to stand up to oppression.

People: May we be faithful to the God of covenant and change.

Composed by The Rev. Dr. Emily K. Bisset
Produced by Presbyterian World Service & Development
The development and relief agency of The Presbyterian Church in Canada
50 Wynford Drive, Toronto ON M3C 1J7

Many blessings!

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