Sunday, 5 February 2012


Welcome to Sunday.  The day of sabbath.  The day of making time to be in God's presence.   In today's  Lectionary readings at Church (St. Mark 1: 29 - 39) and the Gospel According to St. Matthew here on the Prairie Retreat,  both mention prayer.   Prayer is not only a way to be in relationship with God but also an awesome way to retreat.  Prayer becomes all the more essential if one does not have the finances to go on a Retreat somewhere.  For so many Christians,  a retreat is seen as taking time to get away from home and Church.   I believe that a retreat really is the conscious time we spend with God in prayer and reading the scriptures.    It is as simple as putting on one's snow pants and winter gear,  taking one's Bible and going outside to pray and read  (and drink hot chocolate -- that hot chocolate is essential  :)   

Keep my dear Husband in your prayers.  This weekend has been a lot of travelling and listening
to people in need.   

Yesterday, I was delighted to find out that a friend of mine is now the owner of  The Satin Moon Quilted Garden.     The new owner is Linda.  She is an amazing quilter.   She has exactly the perfect gifts for owning a quilt store.... hospitality and graciousness and a great sense of humour.     So,  if any of you are in Victoria BC  check out The Satin Moon Quilted Garden 825 Fort Street.   Tell Linda that Lorna sent you :)   

Brandon's  weather right now is beautiful.    Cool with hoar frost.  I attempted to take a couple of photos of the hoar frost but cameras just don't seem to be able to capture the same beauty that our eyes capture.

Read through the scripture slowly. Read this passage of scripture a couple of   times
23-24"This is how I want you to conduct yourself in these matters. If you enter your place of worship and, about to make an offering, you suddenly remember a grudge a friend has against you, abandon your offering, leave immediately, go to this friend and make things right. Then and only then, come back and work things out with God.   25-26"Or say you're out on the street and an old enemy accosts you. Don't lose a minute. Make the first move; make things right with him.   (The Message  Matthew 5: 23-25)

Read through this scripture again,  jotting down any words,  phrases,  or thoughts that have leapt out as you listen for the voice of God speak to your heart.   Ask yourself , how is the Lord revealing Himself to you?

Quietly reflect on the words and phrases the Holy Spirit is emphasizing in your heart.    

Capture all you have meditated on and bring it as a prayer before God. Let your heart cry out with praise, confession, gratitude, sorrow, or comfort.

End your prayer time with this prayer……   Lord Jesus Christ,  Son of God,  let Your healing flow down upon me.   Lord Jesus Christ,  Son of God,  let Your healing spring up within me.  Lord Jesus Christ,  Son of God,  Let Your healing love enfold me.  Lord Jesus Christ,  Son of God,  let Your healing power flow through me.    Amen

Many blessings!

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