Saturday, 18 February 2012

Getting Ready Saturday

Good Day!   Saturday.....   aaaah Saturday....... today is hopefully a quilting day,  CBC Radio Two Saturday Afternoon at the Opera,  writing the March Synod Devotional,  and getting ready for Worship on Sunday. 
Please keep Old Son in your prayers.  He has been struggling with Mono since September and last week ended up with an extremely infected sinus (sinuses?  sinai??),  ears, and throat.   The meds that he is (was) on did an interesting Tango to his body so now he is feeling like a dust mop (old and tired and limp).    One good thing about this illness is he now knows that he is allergic to codeine! 

Saturdays around here are also cleaning up days in preparation for Worship on Sunday.   Back in the day,  Sunday was a day of Sabbath with no extra hard labour and no extra cooking.  I think that people working hard seven days a week without a definite day of sitting one's self in God's  presence is just unhealthy.  And so a day of preparation on Saturday.   As athletes prepare for their big games and events,  we as Christians prepare for our times of Worship of God.   How could we do any less?? 

Prayer:  Great God,  please heal and regenerate our congregations to their full  strength,  balance, and sharing of Your Good News.  For those congregations and Ministers and Sessions and Bords that think they are all by themselves, may the feel th love of You this day as we kee them in our prayers.  This we ask in Jesus' name.  Amen.

Many blessings!

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