Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thursday Retreat

As each day comes into being,   there is a newness and freshness to the day.  Let your day be a day to listen for God's voice in the stillness and busy-ness of your lives. 

The prayer today comes from Father (Ted) Simeon,  God bless his soul.   When our Old Son was very very young,  he couldn't say Father Ted but could say Fa Ted.    After that in our family,  Father Simeon became known as Fa Ted.    Fa Ted had a call by God to create a society for Clergy and Lay people to gather together for times of prayer and meditation but not to take oneself totally out of "the world" but to pray and meditation in our ordinary lives and throughout our ordinary days.  Thus the Western Society of the Common Life was born.  The Society was an ecumenical society.  In October 2012,  Fa Ted was called to Heaven.  Each of us never know the impact we have - make upon others.   Reading the obituary comments,  Fa Ted had a huge impact upon the lives of others.  Including our lives!  Through his music,  and prayers, Iconography,  meditations, and delightful sense of humour,   and listening,  and often just being there for people... people saw the love of God shine through Fa Ted.      So too this day the light of God shines through us. 

Prayer:    Lord Jesus Christ, son of God,  let Your healing flow down upon me.  Lord Jesus Christ, son of God,  let Your healing spring up within me.  Lord Jesus Christ, son of God.  let Your healing love enfold me.  Amen.    (Father Simeon,  Society of Common Life).

Read:  St. Matthew 5: 17 – 20
These verses are a response to Jesus’ use of the word “salt” and “light”.  Now Jesus begins to teach the disciples (and us!) how to become salt and light.  Jesus begins to teach what we need to believe in order to fully give glory to God.
Jesus teaches the disciples (and us!) that he did not come to toss the Law out,  but to fulfill the Law.. to make the rules and guidelines into worship of God.  The Law was given to the Israelites so they knew what they believed and had a moral compass to guide them on their journey.     Jesus is the fulfilment of this Law.  Jesus becomes our moral compass to guide us to God.  

Prayer:   Lord Jesus Christ,  Son of God,  You are our moral compass.   Point us in the direction of Your Father’s love.   Point us in the direction You would have us walk this day in carrying the Good News to others.   This we ask in Your name.  Amen.

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