Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday- Listen and Do

Prayer:  Holy God,  each day we come before You in  thanksgiving.  You are our life.  You carry our burdens.  You love us just as You have created us to be.   We thank You O LORD that we may share the gifts You have given to us.   As we study the scriptures this day,  help us to taken Your Holy Word and inwardly digest it to Your glory.  Amen.

Read James 1: 22- 26

James tells us not to only listen to the word but to do what it says.  Oh boy,  isn't this reflective of the Sunday Sermon.   Each Sunday,  we listen to the sermon  and then after worship is over  we leave our pew.   Does the content of the sermon come with us?  Do we put into practice what we have heard that Sunday?   

James  comments that  putting our listening of the word into action is like looking at ourselves in the mirror.  Mirrors in the ancient world  were made from polished metals.  The reflection was frequently  blurred so if one was to really look at one's self,  one would have to stare in the polished metal for a lengthy time.   So what does putting into action the listening of the word have to do with mirrors?  The easy answer is  looking at ourselves from the outside and seeing if what we have taken in and learned  from the loving of God is showing up on the outside of ourselves.     Do we say we love God  and yet walk around with a scowl on our faces?    How can we love God and be scowling!   Do we say we share the peace of God  with others yet we are angry with every person we meet.   The mirror is a reflection of our outer selves.   

So this day,  remember  the Word of God... listen to the teaching of this Holy Word... and put into action what you have heard.

Prayer:  Holy God,  help us this day to put in to action  Your love and peace.  May we open our eyes to the needs in our community and family.   Lord,  turn our eyes towards those who need Your help this day.   May we put into action Your great love and joy.  This we ask in Jesus' name.  Amen.

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